YGG began as a small forum back in August of 2005. It was originally created as an alternative to the other entrepreneur forums available at that time.

Since then, it’s grown into a large community of young go getters spread across the globe. It’s no longer just a forum. It’s exactly what our tagline says it is, the business playground for entrepreneurs young at heart.

We’re now on version 5 or so, built upon the lessons learned from the mistakes we made in the previous versions and the invaluable feedback from all of our members. It will continuously evolve as we make more mistakes and experiment with the standards implied upon most communities.

Hopefully YGG becomes a daily read for you and enables you to develop contacts and businesses that you normally wouldn’t.

Justin Nowak – Partner

Justin Nowak Justin has been apart of the wireless industry for 10 years. He has held many positions from sales rep, manager, trainer and multi-store manager. His passon for mobile technology has always kept him on the cutting edge of what is happening in the industry. Always having the trust of his clients he built a large customer base through knowledge, training and care for his clients. His is “always there” for his clients and is frequently being consulted on what the new thing will be. He has also built many sales teams and trained many sales people into award winning reps using his theories on customer care.

Justin is very adept at getting what his clients want and going to bat for them. His in depth knowledge of price plans and how they work allow him to recommend the best deals to his clients! He is on a crusade to help people understand their technology better and get the best deal they can for what they need. Most companies look at their cell phone bill and are mystified, let Justin take the mystery out of your bills and help save you time and money!

He is also a huge supporter and active in the entrepreneurial community. He likes to write about small business ideas and interview small business leaders. He is always open to new ideas and opportunities. Visit the contact page and get in touch!

What I am Working On!

Startup Weekend Calgary – Lead Organizer (http://calgary.startupweekend.org/)

We hosted our first Startup Weekend April 29-31, 2011 and it was a lot of fun. I am looking forward to the next event. It has allowed me to meet a lot of great people in Calgary. There is an excellent community of entrepreneurs so I was surprised that there hadn’t been a startup weekend yet.

With my partner Devesh by my side, we do all of the organizing, planning, promoting of this great event! If you want to know more please visit the Startup Weekend Calgary site!

CYBF Mentor

I mentor up and coming entrepreneurs when they get their first funding to start a business. Most of my expertise lies in sales, marketing and business strategy. This is very enjoyable for ne, I get to take an active role in people realizing their dreams!

Places you can find me!

YEC – Young Entrepreneurs Council (http://theyec.org/)

At current I am contribuing technology based articles to the YEC and its media partners. Be chosen to be in the company of some great entrepreneurs is quite an honor! As articles get published I will link to them here!


Our contributors add such an important diversity and perspective to our blog and forum. Everyone has the opportunity to make their own destiny and these contributors have stood out from the crowd and taken part in a blog bigger than any individual. We’re really thankful for them as well as the community that has contributed to this blogs’ success. We only hope we can give back to the community as much value as given to us.


Eric’s worn a lot of hats, and not figuratively, he actually has – to cover up his balding dome. But after reading Seth Godin’s blog he realized that you can still kick serious ass and be bald. Upon this realization, he ditched the caps and shaved it off. Happiness ensued.

An internet entrepreneur from the get go at a ripe age of 17, and most recently a specialized auto dealer and real estate developer, he continues to wear many hats (now figuratively speaking). He started YGG out of pure lust for business, both online and off.

He’s an avid Mac user. He has a beautiful, loving wife. His only children thus far are two dogs, both small critters (a pomeranian, Wesley, and a Yorkie-pom, Elizabeth). He like’s big dogs too, but with as much time as he spends on his boat, he can’t keep up with the extra dootie at home.

He attributes most of his success to surrounding himself with ambitious, like-minded people (*cough* Travis), taking risks, and being a tight wad.


Travis is a successful entrepreneur who can only attribute his success to attention defecit disorder. Were it not for ADD, he’d still be just a magazine publisher, or just a graphic designer, or just an art director, among many other things. But thanks to his glorious sickness, he was and is an insane culmination of all of the above.

Like Eric, he is slightly obsessed with the prophecy named Seth and also the initials C, P, and B. He can name the agency and client behind almost every ad that’s run in the past three years and you’ll find a copy of Comm Arts on each of his nightstands.

If you can’t find him in his office, you’ll catch him at the arena, on the greens, or in the closet he calls a “studio” playing a little blues.

Without Eric and all the other great people he’s met through YGG and his other projects, he’d probably be doing something else.

Darius Monsef IV – COLOURlovers

Darius Monsef IVNot only is he the creator of COLOURlovers.com, which was nominated for Community Website of 2007 by the Webby Awards and an Official Honoree for the Social Networking Category, he is also the co-founder of Hands On Worldwide.

In the past 2 years, Darius has spent 11 months volunteering in disaster zones and leading relief projects. He was the operations of the Hands On USA Katrina Relief project where he organized more than 2,000 volunteers and delivered over $2,000,000 in aid and volunteer labor. He still serves as a operations director for Hands On Worldwide.

Mark Grafton

clayton mcilrathMr. Customer Service, Mark dedicates himself to making sure the job gets done right and the way clients wants it. Fresh to the online community he is always absorbing any knowledge he can regarding online business and marketing to not only better himself and his business but the lives anyone he encounters.

When he isn’t on a call with a client or cozying up to his computer monitor Mark loves to write screenplays and dive into various venues where he can strike up a good conversation.

Mark is going to make sure that energy stays up, the copy stays fresh, and and the readers stay inspired and informed.