Best ways for you business to save money on your wireless bill!

Left unchecked your mobility bill for your business can easily get out of hand. Long distance, data, roaming and overages can easily eat into your bottom line. This can be amplified if you provide phones to your employees. But with a little k

now-how and these practical tips you can be a mobility bill managing wizard in no time!


Usage Trackers

There are a pile of apps that are out there that can track usage on the phone and even alert you when you are getting close to your caps that you set based on your plan. These apps are a great start in the war against your bill.

Here are some cools apps for usage tracking:

Another great tool is your carriers online billing and account management portal. It can give you a breakdown on your usage to date for all of your phones!


Most OS’s support Skype on your phone. This is a low cost tool for making international calls right from your phone. Just load the app and sign in, once in you may have to buy Skype credit dependant on where your calling. This is a much cheaper option for calling international than most carrier rates.

Google Voice

Also a great option for calling, and it integrates tightly with Android. You can also have one number to give out and it will ring multiple phones!

Keep a relationship with your Sales Rep

As a rep in the past we tend to have a good grasp on the newest plans and offers. We can always point you in the right direction and make recommendations based on your usage. It

is in our best interest that you are happy to gain your future business.

We also know all about the newest apps and technologies that can help you business be more efficient. Mobile hotspot, skype, most of which can save you money or make your business more efficient and provide a greater ROI from your mobile technology.

Just know your rep is there to help, and if they are not find a new sales rep or account manager. The competition for your business is fierce, don’t feel stuck.

Pay the Bill!

Last but not least, pay your bill on time. Most wireless companies charge around 24% a year interest on past due balances. When you have a large bill this can be a substantial expenditure for no return. That money can be spent more effectively in your business!


These are some basic topics but they can really enhance what you are paying for, and most small business can really use that capital. It just takes a little knowledge to know what to look for. If in doubt drop me a line and I can help you out with any questions!