The Business Side of Creativity

The explosion of online business is an incredible phenomenon — ranging from mobile app design & development to creative business models seeded in blogging. Creativity is everywhere, but why are some creative businesses successful and others

not? The answer lies in the business side of creativity.

What is the business side of creativity? While some people have written entire books about it, I believe it to be these two simple things…


The business side of creativity starts with vision. Having a creative idea isn’t special, but having the vision to create a business strategy (with goals) behind your idea is.

Define your passion and put it on paper (a business plan), create goals that will help you execute your creative idea and anticipate problems that might occur along the way. You can read more about the importance of a business plan in one of the past YGG articles, “The Simply Passionate Business Plan”.


If you’re going to do something, be the best at it. This is easier said than done. But if you can isolate the one thing that makes your creative business idea unique, spend your time perfecting it.

Scott Schumann (above), also known as The Sartorialist, is a fashion blogger that makes a living off this type of isolation. While there are countless fashion bloggers, The Sartorialist takes a different approach. Schumann explains, “My only strategy when I began The Sartorialist was to try and shoot style in a way that I knew most designers hunted for inspiration. Rarely do they look at the whole outfit as a yes

or no but they try and look for the abstract concepts of color, proportion, pattern mixing or mixed genres.”¹

Ultimately, the business side of creativity and the key to entrepreneurial success is organization. Both vision and execution take a considerable amount of organization. What are you doing to develop your next creative idea?

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